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August 2014

On Rumors

I ran across this old site the other day: Star Wars Episode One Rumors and it’s amazing.  First of all, its a time capsule of late 90s web design.  Now I know a lot of you on Tumblr are too young to remember any of that, but for me, it’s a total nostalgia trip.  It’s a Tripod page, for God’s sake!   I haven’t been to a Tripod page in probably 15 years. 

More importantly, though, it reminds me so much of what’s going on now with the Episode VII rumors.  Crazy speculation, shoe-horning in of every imaginable EU character, rumors too crazy to imagine they were every believable, and in fact, some very legit and 100% true information.  

I’m going to try and keep that site in mind whenever I read Ep. VII spoilers.  A lot of the spoilers we’re getting are going to be totally bogus.  But there are probably some we’ve already heard that are entirely true.  It’s a tricky balance.  And I’m already looking forward to looking back at my rumors tag in late 2015 to laugh at everything that never happened. 

And here are a few of my favorite Episode I rumors from that site.  But be sure to check it out - it is just gold.

 C-3po will be introduced as a consultent for Anikin’s parents…don’t know what this means, perhaps C-3po once worked as a child psch. for dysfunctional jedi families? (11/16/97)

We learn that Boba Fett is a woman in the prequel when she takes of her mask ! She may be Kenobi’s love interest (8/29/97)

Liam Neeson as Nevin Skywalker; Samuel Jackson as Socuto; Pernilla August as Maran Skywalker (9/23/97)

Thrawn and Xizor will appear in Episode 3. (8/3/97)

3PO is rumored to be a FEMALE protocol droid in the prequels. This is why Anthony Daniels voice may not be needed for 3PO in the prequels (9/10/97)

Yoda’s race of aliens are very prominent in the prequel. Yoda turns out to be short for his race, but uses his mastery of the Force to obtain great respect on his home world. (9/7/97)

It is rumored that Senator Palpatine is smitten by the young Queen’s beauty and pursues her as a wife. But the young Queen chooses Anakin over all of her many, many suitors. (10/7/97)

It is rumored that Ben Kenobi owns the Millennium Falcon (10/30/97)

R2-D2’s “search” on Tatooine (at the beginning of the Prequel) is not related to what is going on in Anakin’s life. Anakin never meets the R2 unit that becomes Luke Skywalker’s close friend in the Trilogy. (10/8/97)

" . . the scene where Vader gathers the bounty hunters on his super star destroyer in Empire is repeated/recycled in the prequels. In the prequels, Vader gathers the bounty hunters to help the Empire hunt down and murder the Jedi … ” (Source: Anonymous Lucasfilm Employee) (12/19/97)

Charleston Heston is rumored to be playing a member of the elite Jedi Council (6/23/97)

And here are a few that ended up being quite true:

Neeson’s character is killed during Episode 1. (6/28/97)

 We can now say with 100 % certainty that Lucas has decided to put Boba Fett in the prequels. (11/28/97)

The name Queen Padme Naberie Amidala is a very long name. We know the Queen has servants and aids at her side.  (11/18/97)

Darth could actually just be Vader’s title or rank so to speak. Both Darth Maul and and Darth Sidious are said to be dark jedi or “Sith” which would fit in right with this. Perhaps Darth Maul dies in the saber duel with Neeson’s character (Qui-Gon Jinn) (11/13/97)

Notice how this URL address (http://www.darthmaul.com) links to the Official Star Wars Site. Try other names like Padme, Darth Sidious, Naboo, etc.— It is just Lucasfilm’s small way of saying. Got You ! These fake prequel character names were spread by Lucasfilm as a joke to show that even the most well intentioned web sites will fall prey to even the most ridiculous rumors regarding the prequel. (Source: Insider at Lucasfilm) (10/14/97)  The right names were out there even if they didn’t realize they were right!

And this just because:

It is rumored that at LucasArts, the designers and programmers are working on a “Myst/Riven”-type prequel game that will be so awesome that the PC game will be contained on seven CD ROMs. (11/21/97)

Seven CD-ROMs, you guys!  SEVEN!  Oh 90s, you were hilarious. 

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